Issue on Accessing Navision Via CITRIX

Dear All Experts,
We are using CITRIX for accessing Navision for Remote users, and we have two Navision databases. For example we can call it as A & B.

When user working in Nav DB A, by clicking one button they can open Nav B database with relavant data which i already made link.
It is working perfectly for local users, when we use CITRIX while clicking the button it throws error as “Unable to start Navision Client (program C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics Nav\CSIDE Client\finsql.exe).”

And i have used below script to open another (Nav B) Navision in the Button push action

navision://client/run?servername=NAVDB& … arget=Form 41&view=SORTING(Document Type,No.)&position=Document Type=CONST(%1),No.=CONST(%2)

As I am not that much familiar with CITRIX, i couldn’t understand what could be the issue. Please advise if you know.

Mike S.

Are you using classic or RTC client???

Navision 5 SP1 Classic Client

Are you trying to open some document from Database B in Database A??

I guess that you have already tested that you can open this link manually?

Yes, it is working when we use locally. Only when we use CITRIX server we are getting this issue. I think there should be some setting in CITRIX server to allow user to open Navision via Link, but i am not sure if any one knows please share.

Mike S.


I didn’t ask if you could open the link locally. I asked if you can open NAV manually from Citrix by the shortcut path “C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics Nav\CSIDE Client\finsql.exe”?

Often when you install on Citrix then you don’t have Navision installed on the C-drive or the users don’t have access to the C-drive. If that’s the case then your shortcut will not work.

Also notice that when you open NAV with the “navision://client/run…” URL then it requires that NAV has been registered correctly. Otherwise Windows will not be able to recognize the URL. So if yo can open Navision normally from Citrix, then try to save a shortcut to your desktop (on Citrix) and try to start that shortcut.

Hi Erik,

What i meant by locally is, i login to CITRIX server using remote desktop and then using Run window i can able open Navision using that link. Even shortcut also working.

And also the URL which i can run via Run window, if there is is a registry problem in windows definitely i would have face error while run through Run window.

And please clear me that is there any different registry for CITRIX. As this error occur only when we access the Navision via CITRIX, i am suspecting there could be some issues in CITRIX or in CITRIX registry

Mike S.

Wether Navision Working fine on Citrix Server ??

Yes except this funtionality