Issue of multiple servers environment

There’re multiple servers for load balance in our company, which are accessed via Citrix. And we are using roaming profile to ensure the user settings, like zup file, are identical globally. Now, we’re going to set up test, dev environment besides prod servers. The problem is some users just not close navision when they want switch from prod to test. They just to File | database | open | company again for test and this saves the parameters to the same production zup file because they did not close navision and start the test navision icon from citrix, or, we can assign zup path in target of the icon. Can anyone advise me how to fix it out? or, can the zup file be save into sql database? Thanks in advance.

ZUP stored file in a file and there isn’t any way around. I know that next version ZUP file stored in database but there is still a long way before it is released.

It doesn’t matter how they get into the other database, those settings are saved anyway.

You can put the connection parameters in the shortcut they use to connect to the correct database. This will override the defaults of the zup-file.

Yes, we have set te connection parameters in the shortcut, but it doesn’t work if the user goto File | database | open | company again instead of exiting from the previous Navision connection first.