Issue of Excel 2003 version when using data migration function

Dear All,

Please can you help me to solve this problem? We are using Nav 2009 classical version and I tried to consolidate the database of severl subsidaries into one company. As advised by forum member here, I decided to use the data migration functions. However, However, the system advised me that Excel 2003 professional edition required when I tried to use the data migration functions to export the table.

I asked our IT staffs to installed Excel 2003 proffisional edition recently and I have checked to confirm this. However, when I tried to export the table again, the system still advise me the same message still appeared. (see attached messge).

Can you please kind advise the reason and how to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

Michael Zhou

Still the same issue. If it doesn’t recognize the professional edition, then it fails. There is really not that much else to say about it. [:)]

So you should first check that the Excel version you have installed actually is the professional edition.
Did you reboot after the installation?
And we don’t have a situation were Excel is installed on you pc and NAV on the terminal server or vice versa?

Hi Erik,

Thank you for your reply. I will check with my IT colleague.