Issue in transfer order posting

Hi all,

while created a transfer order for 2500 quantity and first shipped first shipped 1500 and while again picking 1000 picking process is done successfully but while doing registration the system got shut down and again while opening there is 1000 remaining in the ship remain column of transfer order line but in its output order the processed is completed with all 2500 quantity in the output order but items are not not present in to location, (note: if end inventory order is clicked to end the process no changes was experienced.And all the picking, ship transfer order, recieve posting buttons are disabled Dont know what has happened inbetween. Please suggest a solution for this tricky issue.

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Tell us about the inventory transactions.

Hi Kranthi,

The inventory transactions are made like 1100, 500, 1000… and the total transaction is like 5500, which is higher than 2500. In the quantity details of output order for staged it is showing 5500. and quantity not in shippment is in negative values as -1200. but the transfer quantity is 2500 only in transfer order, Couldnt make out what went wrong how it is collapsed like this. Please suggest a solution.



Can you post a screen shot of inventory transactions?

The screen shot of inventory transaction this is totally 9900 showing in inv transactions but the transfer quantity is less actually. Please suggest a solution.



I was asking for actual inventory transaction (not the WMS order transactions).

The inventory transations is shown in this image, Please suggest an answer.



The total quantity ordered is 4400, of which 3300 has been shipped and 1100 is left to ship. 1900 has been received and 1400 is in transit, 2500 is left to be received.
Now what issue do you have?



Here it is showing 3300 shipped but in output order it is showing 4400 shipped and transaction is complete but in quantities the staged value is 6600 which is not matching to the quantity.

As your client crashed during the posting process, it should have created some data inconsistency.
Try creating a similar transfer order and check the differences.