Issue in the posted payment entry


We have a bit of an issue. Customer posted a payment from payment journal in NAV 2009. Payment Journal is not customized so its a standard. Customer created a line of payment to a vendor, applied entries, exported BACS as its payment by BACS.

After posting vendor ledger, bank ledger everything looks fine except BACS legder entry. The amount in BACS ledger entry has 150 pounds more. Customer is telling one user created a payment line intitially but posted some other user after approval. Nothing is unusual in that. The amount in BACS ledger entry is wrong.

Well I want is to replicate what they done to get different amount in BACS ledger from rest of the ledger entries and I am failing. I cant see how its even possible to do that because once exported the BACS you cant change amount until you Void it.

Please any ideas how to replicate the same error and what conditions are there that result in different amount in BACS ledger entry,


Check whether some other user posted the entry with same document no .

But there are not two different entries. Its just one payment entry, so I dont think other user posted with same document no. Its seems nearly impossible to replicate the issue. I tried alot of scenarios.

If any one has any other the idea please do let me know.


I would like to provide more details. The payment document no. is BACS5696.

Below are the posted entries look like this. I am providing information from BACS Ledger Entry,Vendor and Bank Accounts Ledger Entry. The GLEntry and detailed vendor i am not providing as i feel no necessary for them to make my point. (just to save space)

Please note the amount. in BACS ledger Entry the amount is different. How this became possible? I have no idea. Thanks

Vendor Ledger Entry:–

Entry No. 36618667
Vendor No. NICH01
Posting Date 15/08/2012
Document Type Payment
Document No. BACS5696
Description Payment to vendor NICH01
Currency Code
Amount 134,650.09
Remaining Amount 0
Original Amt. (LCY) 0
Remaining Amt. (LCY) 0
Amount (LCY) 0
Purchase (LCY) 0
Inv. Discount (LCY) 0
Buy-from Vendor No. NICH01
Vendor Posting Group STD
Division Code
Costcentre Code
Purchaser Code
On Hold
Applies-to Doc. Type
Applies-to Doc. No.
Open No
Due Date 15/08/2012
Pmt. Discount Date
Original Pmt. Disc. Possible 0
Pmt. Disc. Rcd.(LCY) 0
Positive Yes
Closed by Entry No. 0
Closed at Date
Closed by Amount 0
Applies-to ID
Journal Batch Name BACS OTHER
Reason Code
Bal. Account Type Bank Account
Bal. Account No. HSBC
Transaction No. 9969585
Closed by Amount (LCY) 0
Debit Amount 0
Credit Amount 0
Debit Amount (LCY) 0
Credit Amount (LCY) 0
Document Date 15/08/2012
External Document No.
No. Series
Closed by Currency Code
Closed by Currency Amount 0
Adjusted Currency Factor 1
Original Currency Factor 1
Original Amount 134,650.09
Remaining Pmt. Disc. Possible 0
Pmt. Disc. Tolerance Date
Max. Payment Tolerance 0
Accepted Payment Tolerance 0
Accepted Pmt. Disc. Tolerance No
Pmt. Tolerance (LCY) 0
Amount to Apply 0
IC Partner Code
Applying Entry No
Reversed No
Reversed by Entry No. 0
Reversed Entry No. 0
Prepayment No

BACS Ledger Entry

Entry No. 99779
Bank Account No. BACS
Bank Account Ledger Entry No. 36618666
Posting/Tax Point Date 15/08/2012
Document Type Payment
Document No. BACS5696
Description Payment to vendor NICH01
Amount 135,797.48
BACS Date 15/08/2012
Entry Status Posted
Original Entry Status
Bal. Account Type Bank Account
Bal. Account No. HSBC
Open Yes
Statement Status BACS Entry Applied
Statement No. 261
Statement Line No. 930000
External Document No.
Account Type Vendor
Account No.

Can anyone please give any suggestion on this one?


I think this is an interesting issue.

The amount is different in BACS ledger entry, could this be possible? IF yes then how , I would like to replicate it.