Issue in showing tax info in report

In Accounts Payable - invoice journal there is a balance report, i customized that report to add GST values.

now i upload a invoice journal, that contains around 250 lines. Journal is not posted yet

i checked tax document for few lines, there is a tax amount

for example,

i opened tax document for 15 lines out of 250 lines

while i run the report for 15 lines only tax value is printed, other 135 lines no tax value is printed

after tried with 20 records, how much line i opened tax document that’s only printing on report

even tried with info statement in job only for 20 lines the tax is showing

I don’t know why this happening, user wont open tax document for 250 line

for manually created AX entries is working good.

can anyone help me to solve this issue, is there any code to refresh or open tax document for all lines

How you are uploading the journal lines?

Using Excel import

Using code or standard import options? It seems the journal creation has the problem as you don’t see any issue when the same is created manually.

Using code only…

May be the taxes are not calculated while inserting the records. The insert into the tax extension table will trigger that.

Have a look at LedgerJournalTrans.insert() method. If the data is inserted from the form then they are calling the below code,


thanks bro,

now its working, i checked tax document clicked method and menuitem class

If so, please verify the answer.

how to verify i didn’t seen any verify option

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