Issue in Posting Counting Journal

We are facing issue while stock count journal in the inventory management of MS Dynamics AX 2009.
following is the scenario:

  1. We have an item: X4 it has two batches B1 & B2 both have on hand quantity of 10 each, a total of 20.

  2. We sold 20 items through B1, therefore the on hand for B1 is -10 and on hand for B2 is 10.

  3. Now in order to adjust our batches’ on hand we went to counting journals and created two lines for the same item with batches B1 & B2, the on hand was showing -10 for B1 and 10 for B2 we entered 0 in the counted for both the lines, the quantity column is showing 10 for B1 and -10 for B2, when we validate/post this we get the following message:

10.00 cannot be picked because only 0.00 is/are available from the stock.

So B2 does not have the available stock to remove 10. Look at the on hand and look at the physical available and what transactions are holding the stock preventing the transaction. The +10 will be fine.