Issue in creating a text box variable in the Table Box


I have 2 tables employee and Attendance

In emplyee table i have Emp No and Structure Code and in Attendance table , i have emp. no , leave days, present days.

I want a list form with empNo, leave days, present days, Gross salary( calculated based on leave days and present days) , structureCode

Which table should i use. Employee or Attendance. The grossSalary which i get for each employee should get inserted to a third table.

Currently i bound the screen with employee table and the rest ad put EmpNo and struture code dfrom that table . The rest i put in text variables in the table

box. I need to get the present days and leave days against each employee,.

Any body please give me an idea



as per my knowledge you have to add flowfield and flow filter field for date in your employee table. so you can easily calucuate gross salary , leave days, present days etc. and then you can disply it on your list form.