Issue in Create Payment Proposal report


Actually, I am talking about AP-> Journals-> Payments-> Payment Journal-> Journal Lines-> Payment Proposal-> Create Payment proposal.
We have 4- servers (Dev, Test, Live, Live DB) and this report is working fine in Dev & Test server but not responding in Live server while it’s a standard report and we have not made any little bit customization on it. That’s why I have taken fresh live database backup (.bak file) and restored in DAX Dev environment for testing and R&D purpose. When tested I found that’s working fine in Dev.
Also, I did: reset usage data, Live AOS services restart, Live server restart …
Still I am stuck, what should I do? Please suggest any one for the same.

Thanks a lot

Hi All,

Thanks for the support.

I have resolved this issue from my own.

Issue is mentioned above and solution is:

Restarted AOS server and DB server then synchronized DB. I did it only and nothing else. Now report is working fine.