ISO requirement - blank forms

I have a client who will be having an ISO audit. Part of their requirement is to be able to show a blank form, such as a blank sales invoice, as part of their form inventory and then be able to print a real sales invoice on that same form. The blank forms don’t have to be printed while the auditor is there. So my question is, can I use the existing form to print just the headings, titles and such with no data? I can take a copy of their DB, modify the forms and pull out the database fields. Then Navision will print a ‘blank’ form. I’m curious to know if I can avoid doing this. DjangMan

If all you need is a file of blank forms, how about printing samples as HTML documents, then using Word to edit out the data and printing the now blank form?

And what about using a test company and create an empty record that you can print??? Regards

I thought about creating the empty record but the Invoice No. (using the Sales Invoice example) is a code field and would strip out spaces. I could create a document No. of . and a customer with blank address fields, etc. The client has decided to use the easiest and fastest solution. Print an invoice. Get correction fluid/tape and cover up the data fields and then photocopy. Very technical. I’ll have to see if their license allows that. :slight_smile: Thanks Alfonso and David, for your time and thoughts. DjangMan

You’re welcome… for that “technical” way they’re using… they can empty the code on the sales order no. and have the rest as empty record :slight_smile: Regards,