Is thermal printer compatible with Navision?

Can a Zebra S600 thermal label printer print labels through Navision/windows 2000. The printer is a Zebra S600 thermal industrial & commercial printer (bar coding, wireless). The specs of the printer are on the website ( Peter

Yes, Zebras work very well with Navision.

I can confirm David’s statement: We use a lot of (different) Zebras (105SL, 105SE, 170XiII, etc.) with NAVISION. I think the S600 should do it as well!? Regards, Jörg

We use them as well. The trick is setting the label size correctly both in the printer set up and in navision.

Hi, We are using a Zebra TLP 2844 printer to print barcode labels from a Navision program. It prints a clear barcode label but will not scan. However when we print to a laser print, it scans. We are using CODE128. Any suggestions? Olga

Code128 is always a problem, if there is anyway you can switch to 3of9, then do so.

Olga … Printing from the same machine? I’ve found the problem with Code128 is the checksum can be a higher byte character and depending on the codepage of the machine will print the wrong character in the bar code. If not, then I’d say try changing the font size in the report. -john