Is there is any report design tools for Navision...?

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Is there is any report design tools for Navision…?..[-)][-)][*-)]

[:^)] ?

…yes - the report-designer…

ya i Know

is there is any external tools for report design…:? Can v edit report from Visual studio…?

or other tools like crystal report…?

you can build SSRS reports, but they are not NAV reports. In NAV 2009 you can use the SSRS report designer but it is only for RTC.

You can use Crystal Reports, but then you access Navision database (never mind - Native or SQL, only access methods differ) directly.

However, this is not the best tool to print, say, Invoices, rather use it for complex reports with heavy data processing. In case with SQL DB you may write Stored Procedures to gather, sort and group data, and CR as front-end - it will be a HUGE performance gain, as SQL Server will do the job.

Search forum for “Crystal” - there are many treads about it…

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