Is there is any built in functions for printing amounts in words...?

Hi friends.

Is there is any built in functions for printing amounts in words…? otherwise can u explain how to print amounts in words in simple way…[;)]


It is already there, explore the Report 1401 (Check), which is used for check/ cheque printing.

The function name is FormatNoText.

Read this also:

Exactly right, the Check report will show you how to do this.

It’s not so easy if language is other than English [:)]

English grammar is relatively simple, but I spent much time to clone this function to languages in which numerals have gender… and thousand is feminine, but million - masculine… Funny, of course - but this must be done only once and then reused as needed.


I think OP (Akhilesh) might be talking about Indian database and there are no such language problem. What I have observed about a couple of months back, that navision CHECK report doesn’t print properly in words for figure in billions range.


Every such function has its upper limit - haven’t checked, but English IMHO limits to 10+E9 - 1 (it should be a nice check - I would like to get one - imagine, nine hundred ninety nine billion bla bla bla… the rest is really not meaningful then [:)] ). If normally coded, it should return “Overflow”, not invalid SumWords, if used in Zimbabwe with their octillions or whatever they have now.

Ya its avialable…

you can use report no.1401 in this two functions avialable

1.InitTextVariable–>to clear the text variables

2.FormatNoText -->it will convert amount into words