Is there any way to see business logic behind Navision?

Is there any way to see documentation flow charts, process flow charts or data flow charts of Navision?

Or is there something similar?

This has been asked before. Please search the forum. I think the answer is no.

Yes the answer is no, but it’s still a very valid question, and personally I would have loved this when I started working with Navision in 1990. And back then the application was much smaller than today. I would say it would take someone at least a year to make a complete flowchart over the standard application…

And unfortunately after that year it will be out of date and need to be started again.

Wow, i did see that Navision is big, but a year for data flow chart in standard application??? Thats huuuuge…

Anyways, thanks for the info, altough that information would be just great, would help me to understand how things work better.

Want to have a life-time-occupation? Start make the flow-chart. And maintain it.


Yeah, but who’s gonna pay for it?