Is there any way to get the Navigation Path?


We have Account Entity in various sections(WorkPalce,Sales,Marketing and Service) of the Main Navigation Bar of the Loader Page of CRM 4.0.

I want to customise the Accounts Form (hide certain fields, certain tabs ,etc.) when I navigate through different sections.

How can I do that? Is there any way to get the Navigation Path? Please Help.

Thanks in Advance.

Customize fields is very easy, since you can change programatically VISIBLE and EDITABLE properties. Tabs, mmm… no no !! [:S]

Thats fine… But I want to customize the form depending upon the Navigation Path, ie.,from which section the Accounts form is opened,(from Sales or Service Navigation Menu) . How can I get the Navigation Path at runtime?

I’ve never seen that, on the other hand if you want to customize the fields for the user permissions… why don’t you just use the user role to set the visible or editable properties?. Doing it this way you will not customize the form when it’s called from Sales (for example), but you can customize it for the users that has the “Sales-role”… did I explain?

Can you please explain?

Imagine a function that returns the actual user role…

roleOk := ‘sales-role’; //this would be the valid role for fields to be editable
userRole := getActualUserRole;
field1.Editable(userRole = roleOk);

Obviously it’s not so easy, even if a user can have many roles and you can want fields to be editable for more than one role. Hope it’s enough [:D]

Thank You…

Is it possible to call a Javascript function when a Left Navigation Bar Menu is clicked?

Is it possible to specify the name of the Javascript function in Sitemap?

Thanks in Advance.


I understand that question is about CRM 4.0, but it is posted on Navision forum. And I think that Galletin’s answers are about Navision…

Sure jajajja