Is there any transaction related to the job card journal

Hi All,

When i posted the job card journal, i cannot find any menu that can show me the “Physical Voucher” or “Financial Voucher”, Since the job related operation has the “Run time category” and “Quantity Category” configured,

From my point of view, if i finish part of the jobs and good quantities, it should post the “Manufacturing” cost.

Please correct me,

many thanks.


Once the Route/ Job card journal are been posted, AX generates the financial voucher based on the job related operation such has “Setup”, “Runtime” and “Qty” category.

The posted route / job card financial posting can be seen from the below

Production Order–>View tab–>Route transactions

Production order–>View tab–>Production posting

Let me know.



Look at the production postings and navigate from there, or look at the posted job card journal and navigate from there.