Is there any testing tool for NAVISION

Hi Guys I need to define testing strategy for NAVISION projects, CAN ANYBODY SHARE ANY KNOWLEDGE. I will really appreciate your help. Regards,

OK, lets do this one step at a time… Step 1/ Buy a computer. Next week steps 2 though 14,782. I suppose the correct answer to your question is “42”. Its one of those crazy things that everyone needs to get started, but it just does not exist. THe Navision Methodolgy is a great place to start. But just specific answers to an undefined question is pretty impossible. I did start writing a book, but it never really got too far because of a lack of market unfortunately.

Hi, Applying a testing tool is hard in Navision, there are test tools but they require a lot of time setting parameters. I have a codeunit for myself which generates random data for e.g. sales orders Example: FUNCTION: RandomItem() : Code[20] WITH Item DO BEGIN FIND(’-’); IF NEXT(RANDOM(COUNT) - 1) <> 0 THEN IF (RANDOM(2) MOD 2) = 0 THEN IF NEXT(-1) <> 0 THEN; EXIT(“No.”); END; RandomQty(FromQty : Decimal;ToQty : Decimal) : Decimal RANDOMIZE; WHILE Qty < FromQty DO Qty := ROUND(RANDOM(ToQty), 1); EXIT(Qty); This way you can create a lot of data in just minutes.

I think testing strategies for an ERP implementation must follow a kind of “Customer Approach” as every single customer has different requiremtents and details in this processes, and is rather a matter of methodology. We have been using a modified test case format from the Navision methodology, for realizing a test case for each requirement, and each variation of requirement that the customer might have. We fill out these forms, and run through the test with the key user of that process. There can be up to 80 test cases per module, but afterwards you can be almost 100% sure that your functionality works - and the customer has to sign every single test case. Saludos Nils

There is an official tool which will be used in HQ for testing: It is called “Testpartner” from “CompuWare” (