Is there an optimal monitor resolution for Dynamics AX?

Some of our user are facing resolution problems working in Dynamics AX. There are two groups of users facing these problems.

a) Those who work with Dynamics clients. When creating for example a new order the OK buttons can not be clicked. It is out of range, although having scrolled down. Only hiding some lines helps to see and to click the OK button. Those users have different screen resolutions.

b) The other group are the RDP users. These users log into the terminal server by RDP and the call Dynamics Client. One user with this entire problem has a local resolution of 1440x900. This user works for example in Customer->Customer-Details. When clicking on Settings the menu with the option normally appears within the visible screen. When this user clicks on settings the menu does not open in the visible screen - it seems again to be out of range. Other users have smaller resolution like 1024x768, but they don’t face this problem.

I hope I could explain especially the second problem.

Does anybody has an idea what the reason and the solution could be.

Thank you very much
Ergun Oezdamar

Hardware requirements (minimum)

The following minimum hardware is required to install and run Microsoft Dynamics AX:

 An Intel Pentium/Celeron family processor, or a compatible Pentium III Xeon or higher processor, is

the minimum requirement. We recommend a processor speed of 1.1 GHz or more.

 We recommend 512 MB or more of RAM.

 1 GB or more of hard disk space is required.

 Super VGA (1024x768) resolution or higher is required for the monitor.

 A DVD drive is required for installation from a DVD.