Is there a way to 'hotlink' to navision documents?

Is there any way from an external source - sort of like a URI/URL type link - to jump directly to a sales order (for example).

Using NAV 3.70



Hi Rob

Yes, you can create a link to a form in Navision. Open the form and find the record you want to create a shortcut to. Go to File - > Send - > Shortcut to Desktop or Link by E-mail.



If you search through the posts I posted a response a while back on how to Dynamically create the links in Navision so you don’t have to click the file etc… you could just click a button and it would build the link for you, then you could add it to an email and send it.

I know, pure laziness, but good none the less.

Thanks Tony - did a search, but nothing seemed to pop out. Any help locating the message would be great.

Easiest way is to click the # of posts above the points on the left.

That will show you all his posts - then you can type the word “link” and filter his posts.

You’ll find →