Is there a standard length for Lot numbers?

i’m not sure if this is the right place to post this question, it’s not a specific NAV question, is there a standard length for Lot number used for tracking (Batch No.)

or it can be from 1 char to 20? same as allowed in NAV.


I would say there is no “standard” although I would imagine as a minimum you would have four digits. The legislation in the UK is to trace it from inbound to outbound, so the actual number is not relevant, although you can make it, so it can contain the date, or the document number, or can be a sequence of numbers as per a number series. I have seen this used in a variety of different ways. Over 20 tends to get difficult to follow, so it loses any smart ability that would revolve around the date, but some industries (petrochemical) can easily go beyond this.