Is there a standard for ERP?

Hi friend,

I have seen that ERP application like dynamics can be customized for a company specification… that means the the compnay can buy an off the shelf package (MS Dynamics) and customize to the company’s varying requirements without any major issues. THerefore MS DYamics can be said as “ERP anywhere”.

But i have seen some ERP Applications, only design for a specific set of requirements that was determined at the requiremnts analysis phase. Therefore these ERP application cannot custimizes for varying company needs thus they have to recontract the application to an outsourcing company to make major changes.

Should all ERP application must follow the standards followed by Dynamics or SAP? AKA ERP application must be always fully customizable?


Most are, you buy what you want.

There is no such thing as an off the shelf package really, unless you go to a base Sage level. Every ERP system is configured and changed. As businesses grow the demands on the software changes so it must be able to change. The question then is one of cost.