Is there a Garage Add-on?

Has anyone developed an add-on to Navision Attain 3.6 or 3.7 that will allow us to manage a fleet of company cars, trucks, fork lift trucks and car users accidents, insurance, service dates etc, we have our own garage and I don’t want to buy another system for them.[?]

I’d look at the Service Management granule as a starting point for your search to a solution.

David, we developed an add-on for companies who rent and lesae forklifts. It consists of a rental add-on for rental based on our own service add-on (which we developed before the Navision module was there). We define service objects, which can be serviced, you can use maintenance schedules, maintain parts history, etc. One of the problems you will face in standard navision is that it is about service items, and not objects. The main problem will be that your service objects are fixed assets, and thus must be booked like this. In our solution, each service object is related to a fixed asset. The service items in Navision normally are items… If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact me on