Is the 100 requests limit in a batch request configurable on-premise?

Hi all,

We are working on an integrations project where a third-party vendor is creating general journal lines in Business Central using a custom RESTful API that we created. Basically we copied the “journals” and “journalLines” API present in the base application, and made some changes to it based on our requirements.

They are making batch requests to the $batch end-point, but they are experiencing a 100 requests limit in the batch request. Does anybody know if this is configurable when you have an on-premise installation of Business Central version 16.0.11233.12061?



It’s not something I have experience with my self, but at the user group conference two weeks ago MVP [mention:5c9cb1234ea24fe88a9f3664f096d8bc:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] made presentation where he showed about the same you are working, and I think he was mentioning the answer to your question there.

Did you check his presentation:

Thanks for the tip. I didn’t quite get the answer I was hoping for, so I’m guessing this feature is not defeatable, but a good session by AJ nonetheless