Is that so hard to find TABs in a string ?

Hi all. I hope that someone can help me, because i’m in a loop (making nop’s) [|)] From a file (opened in textmode) i read a line into a text variable. I want to find the TAB in this string. STRPOS returns 0. Even if i know the position of the TAB in the string, the comparison between string[position] and 9 (code of TAB) does not match. I tried also to use a char variable. Same result. So, where am i wrong ?.

Hi Popa, Tabchars will be converted into strings of 7 spaces' 'when you read from a file in textmode. You can either search (STRPOS) for these spacestring occurencies (a quick and dirty solution but not quite “safe”) or read the file binarily (i.e. textmode(FALSE)) character by character.