Is that possible to cancel run report inside from report?

Hi All,

Is that possible to cancel run report? I tried to prevent run super() command at report’s init section without success… Maybe you would be ask me why you want to this? I want to let users run report just two times for each order. I could do that where I run the report, it’s possible but I want to check counter from one place, inside report.

if u wan to show report only 2 times for each order then u have to take one new field in table as flag and increase it every time report will run and if the flag field is two then u can disable the report generation button for that order only and in the canclose method of form u can again give ’ 0 ’ value to each value of flag field against all orders…

Thanks but, my problem is not put a flag field, I just already did it. I cannot disable it from table, because it’s not default print method. There are some forms use this button and I don’t want put this check control of all of them. I just put a throw command at report init at this time. If there will be come a better solution, I’ll use it.