Is (RangeStatus::Hidden) same as Locked ?

I got what RangeStatusLocked does.It removes Filter By Field context menu over that particular field upon which i set the range.

But when i set Hidden it works same.i don’t get any difference

The only difference i can find is - when locked you can see the range value (when default values are assigned to it)

when hidden you cannot even see them…

Example : You want a report which prints all the items - and if you want only the BOM items to be printed.

Add Item Type to the range - assign the value to it - and lock it. So the user cannot modify the range value- only can see it.

In my grid Names and Dept columns are there.I set range to Names and provided fixed name “A”.So now my grid is displaying A A A X X under Names column.Then i made filtered by field giving value B which is actually exists in tables on which i found my grid as empty.So thinking here no use of Filter by field option as grid dislaying the same name AAA so i removed that option by making rangeStatus::Locked.

But when i made Hidden there is no such difference.But you told it’ll not visible. Can you make me clear here? And where to set default value you are talking about ?