Is possible to print using remote business connector call ?

Hi. I have two servers where in the fist one i have a windows service instancing a business connector and connecting to the AOS on the second server. The business connector call a class where several process are done, one of these process is printing and is the only one that is not working, the result is that the printer is not found. Ser windows server runs over a non interactive process account ( and it has the necessary persmissions to print, and is included on the print group) and everyting else works but the printing. On my Development environment i use the same call and it works!!! But, on the development the windows service is installed on the same server as the AOS. So is mandatory to install the business connector caller on the same machine where is the AOS ? Or there is some configuration that is possible to allow the remote caller print the report?

Is the printer visible for the machine with business connector? Does it work if you call it from an normal application and not a Windows service (on the same machine)?

Also, plese always attach a tag with your version of AX. Now we don’t know whether it’s about Axapta 3.0, Dynamics AX 2012 R3 or what.

Hi Martin.
Is Dynamics AX 2009, the printer is visible and everthing works fine if i call the process from a job…

Are you logged on the machine with Business Connector, using the service account?

And the other step? If you call the logic through Business Connector from an interactive session?

Hi Anderson,

I have heard that UI functions such as reports and printing are not available when you are using the business connector. When you say you make the same call in your development environment and that it works, are you making that call from a job within AX or are you making it via the business connector?

If you are successfully printing from your dev environment using the business connector, could you please post your code as an example?