is picklist registration a must in SO or Purchase in AX?

what is the picklist and picklist registration used for in the Purchase order or Sales order? how can we hide this or make it not a required? From what I see the inventory model has some check box for pick list requirements as well as in the SO/PO parameters. appreciate more clarification. thanks

Hi Patrick,

First of all Pick process will come in SO, when you sell the goods to your customers then pick process will come. this process won’t come in PO.

Pick list and Picking list registration will be depend upon the setups you performed on the specific items. If you setup the Dimension groups, Inventory model group and AR Parameters then pick process will run. Pick process will be more helpful when you use Warehouse Management.

Dimension group - will be helpful and determines which storage dimensions can be recorded in the pick process.

Inventory model group - If we select the check box of Picking requirements, it determines whether the item’s inventory records must have the status picked before a packing slip updated.

AR parameters - Picking route status parameter : Select Completed. now it will be done automatically.


Thanks a lot Sarathy. much appreciated.