Is Navision fun?

Is navision fun? I might have an opportunity to go into Navision, and wonder, is it fun? There is a kind of 6 months qualification period. What would I learn in this period? * A developer environment? * A language (Is it OO? nicely designed?) * A Library (Is it nicely designed)? * A Philisophy? * Tools knowledge similar to end users? * Business knowledge? Do you think it gains insight that is useful outside Navision. (Like OO knowledge from CPP can be useful in say Java - There is of course also business knowledge) I am primarily a C/CPP/.NET developer, are there several specializations/tracks available? Thanks! Olav Olav

Yes Navision is fun - BUT Navision is NOT a development langauge that you just can learn. Navision (Attain) is an evironment! It’s a way of thinking! Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Hi Olav, I agree with Erik that Navision is fun. But depends on what you mean by Navision. As a programming language is hardly chalenging especially if you come from your background. A chalenge is to understand how Navision works and what functionalities it has and the business needs of the clients. But I think the most I enjoyed about Navision was the variety of businesses I had a chance to learn about (from construction companies to steel companies, from financial companies to newspapers) and the variety of people you get to meet. I think that keeps it interesting for most time of the job. And when that fails it is the variety of bugs in Navision that fills your time :slight_smile: Hope that helped … Regards, Cristi Nicola

If you are looking for programming Nirvana, Navision is not it. But if you love solving business problems and enjoy designing computer based solutions to those problems, Navision is a blast. Navision Attain is, in my experience, the most complete set of managable, integrated business software available. And while there are some bugs, as Cristian mentions, the number of those bugs compared with other products on the market is very, very small. Finally, now that Navision is owned by Microsoft, you can feel more comfortable in working with Navision that you are remaining in the mainstream, because no matter how Navision changes, there will be a path tied to Microsoft’s focus for their product line. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Again, it is important to remind everyone, NAVISION IS NOT A PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. It never was never will be. Therefore be aware that any programming knowledge or skills will be of very little use working with Navision. In a typical good/successfull Navision implementation, programming will be 5-10% of the overall project. Its the ability of the analyst to optimize the design, so that programming is minimal. Unfortunately the lazy/easy way out is to program instead of design.

Funny Dave…the approach that Navision has been pushing for years is that it is more of a development tool than an out of the box solution. I agree that project management and business process consulting is critical. However, to relate that utilizing programming as a workaround to coverup limitations in the knowledge of these two other areas seems quite a stretch.

We are maybe talking af two different things. Navision is a highly customizable product, it is not a development language. Too often I hear programmers complaining about silly things just because Delphi does it this way, or Java does it that way. Yes Navision is highly customizable, but it has its limits. It is an ERP / Distribution / Manufacturing package, and it fullfils these roles amicably.