Is Navision 4 GB Upgrade toolkit available

Does anyone know if the Upgrade toolkit for Version 4 GB is available yet? I’ve just received my shiny new disks from MBS this morning (which, by the way, I couldn’t get to install, until I’d created a copy of Disk 2 with label DISK2) but can’t find the upgrade toolkit on the disks. The enclosed documentation only describes new features, and gives no clues to where I can get it from. Thanks

As per usual it is one of the last things to be released. From my memory they said something vague like “later this year” or “before 2005” on the version 4.0 days. Your account manager will be able to give you a clearer date on this if you ask them. In the Product announcement document they said “a final W1 release date around October, 2004” so this will have to be localised. Looking at the worldwide partnersource site this was actually released on 2nd November. It will be a while yet [:D]

Thats a shame. Will have to just keep my eyes open. Thanks anyway

The V4 Upgrade Toolkit was released almost immediately after the product release. Following is a quote from PartnerSource for North America. Since the NA material is built on the W1 material, I’m sure the WorldWide Upgrade Toolkit must be available as well. Announcement The upgrade toolkit for Microsoft Navision NA 4.00 has been released. This tooklit is used to upgrade from the following listed Navision products to MBS Navision North American Version 4.00. Navision Financials US 2.60 Navision Manufacturing US 2.60 Navision Commerce Gateway US 2.65 Navision Commerce Portal US 2.65 Navision Attain US 3.01 Navision Attain NA 3.10 Navision Attain NA 3.60 MBS-Navision NA 3.70

Hi David I believe it requires some tweeks for the UK, although I could be wrong!

Hi David, I did notice the announcement for the NA release on PartnerSource but just presumed there would be a seperate GB localised version.