Is Nativ DB supported in NAV 5?

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I have heard different statements from different ms partner companies about the Native DB in NAV 5.

One statement is that NAV 5 support Nativ DB and the other statement is that NAV 5 don’t support it.

Wat is correct?

Exist anywhere a document which discribes the differents between NAV 4 and 5?

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Nav5 (and Nav2009) supports Native DB, although MS promotes the SQL version - one advantage is using SQL Reporting services.

Documents describing enhancments between versions exist, some of them you can find here in Downloads » Dynamics NAV Files » NAV - Official » - they are named Feature Enhancements.

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Hi Vinni,

Can you verify Modris solution if it help you - this will help other with the same query. Thanks

That’s not completely correct. NAV 2009 supports native DB, but not the RTC.

The Role Tailored Client can only connect to aSql Server database.

azerty, you are completely right about RTC requiring SQL database - but the question was if Native is still possible [;)]

The OP asked about NAV 5, NOT 2009. So Modris’s answer is 100% correct.

I would like to add, that any NAV partner that is not 100% sure as to the answer to this question absolutely should NOT be selling the product. Definitely you should not be purchasing NAV from them.

To further answer your question though, Microsoft Stated that the Native Database will be supported as an official version until 2013. So we can expect the next version (2011 we assume) to be able to run on Native, though the following version would depend on when it is released. To be honest though, I don’t think many people would mind if Microsoft stopped creating new versions for Native, and simply provided extended support to NAV 2009 Native classic client for a few more years. For years I was one of the strongest supporters of Native database, but allways said that as soon as NAV is truely ready for SQL I would switch. My feeling is that since 4.00SP3 SQL is the better option for NAV, and I no longer have any mainstream clients running on Native database. The exception being POS terminals, and even that I believe will change in the next year or so.

So to answer you question directly. Yes Native is supported, and will be for many ears to come, BUT think carefully about this and if possible go for the SQL option.

I don’t think that means it will be in the next version. I think 2013 is when the official lifecycle for NAV2009 ends. I believe that NAV2009 is the last version that is supported on the native NAV database server.

Not sure what you mean. I am talking about the clear statement made acouple of years back at Convergence (in at least two sessions) that the Native database would remain as an option for Navision versions at least until 2013. But as I said I feel that was a wrong stetement they made, and would have no objections if they changed their mind and made 2009 the last supported Native version. (Actually I think I already said that [;)] )

Whilst the Native database was years ahead of the competition 10 years ago, it has now aged a lot, and is holding up any serious advancement of the product. There is no technical need for Native now, it is needed only for political (aka licencing) reasons. The cost of hardware these days just can not be considered as a factor, so the only factor is for users on Native that are paying support, but would need to buy a rather expensive SQL licence to move over.

In most cases where there is a client that absolutely must stay on Native that client probably has no intention to do an object upgrade anyway, and the only EXE upgrade benefit for Native users in the last few years has been the Export to word and excel. So there really is no justification in holding back future versions of NAV just for the Native database.

I’ve always thought that NAV2009 is the last version that would include support for the NAV Database Server, regardless of when support for this version ends. The year 2013 was mentioned because that’s the year that support for NAV2009 would stop, which is 5 years after the release year.

Very intresting topic

After I gone through the topic , I would like to know one thing.

Does Microsoft stop to release the newversions after 2013 for Navision?

That means there is no development for Navision after 2013 ?

Then what about the future the people who are working on navision ?

Please clarify my doubts

You really should just leave the font size alone, making it that big looks like you are screaming at us.

Microsoft is not going to stop creating new versions after 2013. They are working on the next version now, and they even have plans beyond that. You misunderstand my reply. Microsoft only supports each individual version for 5 years, so the support for the current version is scheduled to end in 2013, although I seem to remember some news about the extension of this period (not sure about that). The next version is scheduled to come out in 2011, so support for that version would end 2016.