Is multiple buying and sales prices possible?

In our company all our products have up to 5 buying and sales prices. There are no rules relating to the creation of the prices, e.g. price 2 isn’t 15% greater than price 1, and price 3 15% greater again.

We have 5 source locations for the products, we’ll call them factory 1 to 5. We buy from whichever location the customer agrees depending on availability, again with no fixed rules. A conversation can go like.

Customer “I want 25000 of product X”.

Us “We can source that from the UK for £1 each delivered in 4 weeks, or from China dropshipped in 6 months for $0.30 or you can collect from Ningbo for $0.10 when it’s finished being made”.

Now at the moment, we’re struggling to get by with either the sales men carrying a huge spreadsheet around with them, or by having multiple stock codes for 1 item, depending on source.

Is there a better way? When a salesman looks a product up, can he see multiple buying prices, and multiple sales prices natively, or with coding and I start to enforce 5 stock codes per item?

Hi John,

Sorry for the late answer. Just saw your question today. It was posted in a forum which is not really for questions (the old Tips and Tricks forum which is no longer used). So I guess you already found a way to do this, or maybe not?

It is not possible to setup everything you describe above. But most of it could be done with a few “workarounds”. And maybe a few customizations.

You should start by creating 5 standard price lists (price groups) - one for each for of your factories. That would solve the pricing issue.

Then define separate SKU cards for each location, so that the system can create purchase orders to the vendors. Here you also define the different delivery times. Assuming that your factories are individual vendors, then also set up the purchase prices for each vendor.

That means now you have most of it, only using standard functionality.

For the full flow to work then you need to make sure that both locations, purchasing codes (to set drop shipment) and eventually shipping terms/service is set when the sales lines are created.

So this could be added as fields in the price group table and have the price group being set individual on each line (to allow the customer to order the same item for both quick and slow delivery on the same order). These customizations are really not required for it to work, as everything can be set manually and it would still work. But I’m sure if you don’t then you would soon start to see mistakes made - which on the other hand most likely are not bigger than today.