is it Role Tailored can be used with database for nav 5 ?

hello all ,

i have dynamics nav 5 with ls retail i need to use rtc (Role Tailored Center) with database but nav ask me for upgrading database

ok upgrade database then database converted then ask me to enable for microsoft dynamic nav server when i check

this option(from database–>alter—>option—>enable for microsoft dynamic nav server ) microsoft dynamic nav classic not responding

i need to know RTC can be used or no ?


I think you have to do Object Upgradation also…

No, you must be on NAV 2009 to use the RTC.

Hi Matt,

Cant we use upgraded 5.0 database for RTC?

thanks alot Mohana & Matt

my problem solved by 90%

i have backup for nav 5 database then i open nav classic 2009 -----> create new fdb database-----> restore this database to old backup --------------> backup the new database(fdb)------------------>open finsql.exe 2009-----------------> create new database-----> restore this database to new backup ----->open rtc but error in pages object

now i will try to use Form Transformation Tool to create pages and i will see if problem solved


Hi samer…

The problem wasn’t whether you can use RTC on the database or not…

The problem is : Once you’ve upgraded the backend, the retail end with 5.0 wouldn’t run as normal as before… every non-upgradable-modification will give you an error and headache.

Upgrading wasn’t just "a click " away . It’s a whole Project thing for software vendors, and a very billable item.



yes ric many errors ocure i can not creat pages but all other object running good

You need to properly upgrade NAV 5.0 to 6.0 using developers toolkit. Once you complete your upgrade process, you can use RTC. Simply restoring NAV 5.0 backup to NAV 6.0 database wont help you to use RTC.