is it possible????

[:(][?] Could someone tell me an answer,please? Is it possible on a same computer make following? 1.I want to have 2 different USER ID-s( a first one which would call XXX and a second one which would call YYY) 2.When I start Navision and insert USER ID (XXX), and also a password for it. I want to see a Main menu only with General ledger, Inventory and Jobs (without any other options). But when i start Navision and insert USER ID (YYY), and also the password for it. I want to see the Main menu only with Sales & Receivables, Service Management and Human Resources. Is it possible to make 2 different windows appearance for the main menu (of course for different USER ID) on the same computer, and also How can I do that???[:(][:(] Thanks a lot!!! [:(]

On the user setup you can add Main menu form ID for different users If you just want to show Sales and Receivables put 333 in the field. In case you want to make a custom menu then create a new form with all the options and add that to user setup Sat

For guidance on having control over the USER ID (multiples on one machine), refer to the Installation and System Management manual, User and Client Setup Properties section.

Thanks everybody i thought that i solved this problem Thanks again!!