Is it possible to stop the user from changing the row height?


I have a tablebox that I don’t want users able to change the row height by accident. It is important to the function of the program that the row height stays exactly the same because it’s used with a touchscreen. Is it possible to lock the table box down so that the user is allowed to check a boolean field on a row but not be allowed to change the height of the row? I don’t think it’s possible but I thought I would put this out there to see if anyone knows of anything.

Thanks for the help!!

I found a solution. It’s probably a bug in Navision which we can use to our advantage. If you make a copy of your tablebox and paste it over top of the existing one and compile you will no longer be able to change the width of the rows in your table box!

Actually that is NOT a bug. That is a feature. This feature is there since the windows based version 2.0[;)].You can use this “feature” to prevent the changes of therow height and the column width.

Works fine; but if you try to select some rows (e.g. via Ctrl+LeftMoseClick), copy and paste into another program - that is not allways quite “WYSIWYG”…[:^)]

That is an odd way to add a feature. I would have expected something more like “resizerowwidth = no” or something like that. I just thought this was a program anomaly! [;)]

Actually it is an anomaly. But at least that is “usefull” sometimes. I think all NAV developer expecting more properties to handle table, forms and reports. However, there was a wishlist last March. Maybe you want to add your wish/comment there.