Is it possible to run Configurator from client m/c

Hi, I have a strange problem. My setup scenario is like this - a) SQL Server / Analysis Server / BA configurator on one machine b) Client installed on another machine All the machines are in the same domain. I am able to connect to navision sql server from client and create the cube structure etc stuff. In the path to configurator, i have mapped the server drive where BA is installed and gave the same in my client - ‘The Path to configurator’ When i run the Start Configurator from my client, i get this problem - ================== Error during Initialization Cannot open database requested in login ‘Database Name’. Login Fails. ================= I have all the admin rights etc and full access for the rest of the things. Can we run the Start Configurator from the client. I was successful in running the Start Configurator from a single machine, but i was not able to run the Start Configurator from the Client. I have a customer who bought the Basic BA and wants to run the Configurator from the client m/c only and not from a single setup. Is there any solution for the above problem. Please write back if any body knows any solution, if it exists. Thanx in advance… Vijay

Hi. The error message looks very much like an login failure to the SQL Server. I assume that your Analysis Server is running SQL as well, and that the Analysis Server connects to the SQL Server as a linked server to retreive data from there. If I’m right then check the login setup on the Analysis Server. Hope this will bring you further.

Thanx for the response, but i am not able to access and getting the same error. Can you please eloborate, if you have any solution. Thanx in advance. Regards, Vijay

I have the same problem and have received this information from Targit via MBS support I have looked through the screenshots and I can see that the Navision database is on a named instance of SQL Server – not the default instance! Knowing this, I have tested the same setup and I have found that the parameters that Navision send to the Configurator does not take this into account – instead, the default instance/server name is sent, which of course means that the database is not even found by the Configurator! The conclusion is that Navision does not use the actual database information available from he database setup information but always refer to the default server name when sending source database information – even though the Configurator actually supports installation using a named instance source database…