is it possible to run a client with a lower Service Pack to the Application?

I have just upgraded AX 3.0 from SP4 to SP6.

Microsoft say that you have to update the client aswell. My question is how important is this? I have tried to connect to the SP6 AX 3.0 on a SP4 client and it has worked.

As microsoft say you have to install the latest service pack on the client, if the application has the latest sp. My qustion is can a SP6 Client run ok on a SP4 AX applicaiton?

The reason I ask is that the SP6 exercise is a test and requires users to see if it has messed up any processing. As they all use AX 3.0 SP4, I don’t want to upgrade their clients just to test, as they all still use AX 3.0 SP4 in production.

Any advice would be appriciated.




Generally speaking following MS guidelines is better as there won’t be any issue with support down the line

Regarding your query, if there is a kernel update for client in SP6 then definitely upgrade is required for clients. Otherwise I suppose older version of client could be used though for reasons above it is definitely not recommended.