Is it possible to recreate an object with ID number below 50000?

Hi again, I suppose that this problem does not have any “reasonable” solution, however I want to make sure. What I have done: I needed to alter the report #206 (sales invoice). So I exported the definition of standard report #206, imported it as #51206, changed some controls, triggers etc., exported this modified version… and then… I fool… to prevent any possible collisions, I DELETED the report #206 and THEN I realized that (of course!) I am not allowed to create the object #206 (import the modified version as #206) any more! This is not a disaster, I do not use the real-life FDB file for my experiments, just it seems to me like too much additional work (caused by one pressing of the key). Anyway, I was quite surprised that NF allowed me to DELETE such object. (I use Navision Financials v2.50 CZ.)

Don’t worry, I guess that happenes to everybody :slight_smile: Solution: 1) Export R51206 as Text-File. 2) Open the Textfile with a test-editor. 3) Replace all occurences of 51206 with 206 4) Import the textfile and compile. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

That would be nice, but it does not work. There is only one occurence of “51206” in the exported textfile, on the very first line, “OBJECT Report 51206 Invoice”. When I change this to “OBJECT Report 206 Invoice” and try to import it, Navision Financials says “You do not have right to create ‘Invoice’ Report. Contact the system administrator.” karel2

I think we have all done what you have done at some point :slight_smile: Export from an unmodified NF installation the object that you have deleted, remember to export it in object format. Import it into the database, where it’s missing. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

The last response will replace the missing table. Next time you do not need to export and reimport when you want to make a copy of an object. You can do this in one of two other ways. A.) if you can edit the object, then open it and do a “save as” using the new object number. B. You can also simply select the object and copy it.(this works when you can’t design/edit the object)then select F3 to insert a blank line for the object. Hit paste and you’ll get an error message that tells you an object with this number already exists. Click ok and then without moving off of the new line renumber the object to an available number. Then you’ll be able to make your changes in the “New” object.

Use database standard from NF CD. You can copy in your hard disk and change attributes to Read Only False. You Open it with NF and then go to Objet Designer, reports, and then export report 206. Then go to you application and import it. Go to report 50206, design it, and rename to 206 replacing it. I Work with spanish release and you can modify invoices report from Sales, configuration, reports, find invoice and change it to your own report. Excuse my english.