is it possible to record and track the items sent for Demo?


In navision 4.0,is there any functionalities to track and record the item details sent for Demo purpose(may to vendor/Customer/any third parties).Items shipped for demo is not for sale,it is only for marketing purpose…so,how we can record this process in navision 4.0

At anytime, it is necessary to show
1.No. of Quantities of item <-> shipped for Demo
2.No. of Quantities of item <-> sold so far
3.No. of Quantities of item <-> in Inventory

If we use Transfer orders,then we need to maintain a location for each party(customer/Vendor/an third parties…)there will be thousands of cuatomers/vendors/third party…we need to maintain No. of qunatities of all items sent for Demo for each vendor/customer/unknown third party seprately for each item

for example,In item card for item <12828>,user defined flowfield has to be defined as No.Of quantities sent for Demo…<25>(example)

If we click drill down button on it,it should list in details such as

10 quanties for vendor v00001
5 quantities for customer c00001
10 quantities for vendor v00002

I think it is not possible by using transfer orders…is there any other possibilities …

One option that I used several times it’s using locations. You don’t need to create a location for each customer. If you create a location for marketing products and for every customer you can associate a bin in that location. You can even create an option in Customer Card to automatically create a matching bin.

In Item card you can make Item per location to know items that are in marketing location and in main warehouse.

Hello Nuno maia,

Thanks for your reply.Our client is not using the warehouse module,so i think we cannot use Locations–>bin option…

If your client has BRL (Business Ready Licensing), then even the smallest package gives you Bin options…

In case of old module-based licensing, you probably still may additionally buy 4170-Bin granule, but that depends on country.

Then without Location–>Bin option,it is impossible to record and Track items sent for Demo.If i am wrong,please provide me any other possibilities that exist to implement this functionality…

The best option it’s to use bins. There are other options such has applying lot label to items, etc. But these other options can involve changing current business process, and customers might not be able to change. The option of using thousands of locations I think you could have a performance problem, but I never got thousands of location so I can’t confirm it.

Thanks to all for giving me valuable information…

I will try to use Locations–>bin option for Recording and Tracking the items sent for demo…

A very simple and silly solution:

  1. Create a reason code “Demo”

  2. Add to form 40, Item Journal, the fields “Source Type” and “Source No.”

  3. Instruct the appointed users to post an Item Ledger Entry with Source Type Vendor/Customer or whatever, Souce No. the No. of the involved Vendor/Customer/…, Reason Code “Demo” and Entry Type either Negative Adjustment or Positive Adjustment according with what they are doing (NA when they send the item for Demo, PA when they get it back)

  4. Write a report with Table Item as the first dataitem and Item Ledger Entry as second; the second dataitem will be ordered by Source Type, Source No. and filtered on Reason Code “Demo” (you might have to add a key the ILE table). The sum of the ILE for each Source Tye/Source No. group will tell you how many items are at each vendor/customer place.

More informations to retrive are up to your fantasy. [:)]

Hello Anna Perotti,

Thanks for giving me the useful tips…i will make use of it and let you know the details very soon…

Glad to be useful. Just an extra thought - as you may have noticed, the weak spot of this solution is that you have to trust the users to make all the postings correctly, so it might be wise to create a speific journal - or at least a template - with mandatory reason code, source no. and source type.