Is it possible to keep year 2012 open for few weeks in AX?

From what I understand, it seems possible to keep the year 2012 open while moving to year 2013 in the AX. Say I created fiscal calender for 2013 and attach it to the ledger, I assume that the transactions entered will be for the year 2013.

Though I don’t have any transactions for Year 2012 (as we just installed, we may enter few transactions and close the Dec 2012) some time in the end of January 03. Is this possible?

appreciate your thoughts on this

Hi Patrick,

Yes this is possible. Point here is to note that you can’t close 2013 if 202 is open and if you close 2012, then there is no problem.

I will suggest you to change the status of 2012 fiscal period on hold so that no transactions are posted by mistake.


Thanks pranav. I appreciate it. But our accounting team wants to keep the year 2012 open and want to post some transactions for the December 2012 (while we are now in the year 2013 and may close after few weeks say in Feb 2013). Is it possible to post transactions for the month of Dec 02, while we are technically in the year 2012?

  1. if we post the beginning balances on Dec 31 02, but not close year 2012, will the balances be reflected for the year 2013?

  2. since we are already in year 2013, I have a new fiscal period that’s attached to the Ledger. Now how can I post say a transaction back dated to Dec 31st, 2012? Assuming if we keep the year 2012 open, then I guess the system will allow us to post the transactions. I tested it and I am able to post it. However, the fiscal period for the ledger is still 2012.