Is it possible to have Autoincrement on a Card type form?

I want to have a job entry Card using the Job Journal lines to make the data entry easier (bigger font size and other things).

How can I make the autoincrement work as per the list form on F3 or is that not possible?



Hi Colin,

Set the Autoincrement property on the key field of the table to increment by 1. If you want to add 10000 per record then you can try and play with the AutosplitKey property - but it’s not great.

In this case the Line No. is an Integer and part of a Key. The AutoIncrement option has the possibility of Yes or No so I am not sure wherre you mean to “set by 1”.


Hi Colin,

I think u missunderstood Dave.
AutoIncrement works by incrementing by 1.
And that’s just how it works.

AutoSplitkey is used in list forms.
Basically to makes it possible to insert records between 2 existing records, without having to rename the existing records to make room.
Using AutoSplitkey in a card form is something i have never tried, but i would assume it could work.
Just remember to assign values to all other fields in the primary key, before the form inserts the record.

I Don’t know if you’re aware that if you add a menu-item to a menu-button, and assign it the shortcut F3, then that is what’s activated if the user presses F3.
This way you can let the user press F3 as usual, but what actually happens is that a new record is initialized, primary key values are assigned, the record is inserted, and retrieved to show in the form, all done through C/AL.

AutoIncrement is a field property, and is therefore global.
AutoSplitkey is a form property, and therefore only works in the actual form.