Is it possible to execute Dataport from the Job Queue ?

I’ve got a customer for which I’ve developped a bunch of dataport for importing and exporting data.

I’ve tried to automatized the import/export by setting up the Job Queue module, however I ran into a silly problem, the job queue is returning me the following error :

"You cannot use C/AL variables of type DATAPORT when running the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server."

From the job queue I did setup Codeunit X to be scheduled, and it’s within Codeunit X that Dataport Y is executed …

My main constraints are that the dataports import quite complicated file structure and it took me 3 months to develop and test, so I can’t really tell my customer that we must through away all this work …

How come the Job Queue(Version 5) is not able to perform what the Job Scheduler(Version 4) was able to do which is scheduling a dataport ?

Does anyone know if there’s a work around to this problem ?

It’s an old issue. NAS can’t run dataports. If you search in this forum you will see a lot of question regarding this subject.

I tought (wrongly) that this was fixed in V5 [:(]

Does anyone know if the issue is still open in NAV2009 ?

with 2009 RT client no longer supports dataport. They are replaced by xmlport.

What would happen to the customers who have got hundred of CSV files to import on a regular basis ?

Does Microsoft has provided the migration tool that will convert Dataport Into XMLPort ?

Does XML port in NAV 2009 support CSV files?

I don’t think there is a migration tool, but yes xmlport does support csv files.