Is it Possible to enter Records after Filters

Hi Guys, I have entered 4 lines in General Journal with Different Document i have filtered those lines ,now the system is showing only the second line O.K. that is system is showing only Line No. 20000 Entry,now if i try to enter another line then system is giving error,i.e Line no. 30000 already exists. that’s true,But i would like to enter the entries after applying filters,Does any one have any idea about how to solve this Problem. Thanks. Mohan Babu

The problem you’re encountering is caused by the Autoformat working. As when filtered it hasn’t got the line 30000 it’s trying to assign it to the new line. You can solve this by using your own function to assignate the lines numbers instead of using autoformat property. Lock the table, apply the filters needed to a auxiliar variable (that allows you to still have all the records in those journal… including those you’re filtering on vew) and find the last record ordering by it’s number. If not find any, set line number to 10000 else, add 10000 to the line’s number and set it to your record. – Alfonso Pertierra Spain