Is it possible to create Number sequences for Employee

Hai to all,

Is it possible to create number sequences for employee?when am creating N.S for customers and Vendors there is no problem.when when am trying to create N.S for employee am not achiving.Plz clarify me

Like customer and vendor you will not be having any setup for EmplId Number Sequence.

How you are trying to create and what problem you are getting?

Hai Kranthi,

ok kranthi,then How can we create my own nember sequences References.

Is it possible to create my own reference ?

Yes - for reference see how the other number sequences are created - like for customer, vendor, Item etc…

Hi Kranti,

what i am asking is in HRMParameters form → Number Sequence tab → In this how can add reference for my own column ?

Please read the book Inside Dynamics Ax 2009, there is a nice walkthrough for creating a new number sequence.

You need to use NumberSeqReference_HRM class and HRMParameters tables for that

Thanks Kranti,

i will try to do with that…

Hi Naresh,

Yes, In AX 2012 also it’s possible for same you have to follow following path and make changes:

HRMS-> Setup-> Human Resource Sheared Parameters-> Number Sequence-> Personal Number

Here you have to edit what number sequence you needed as per your requirement.