is it possible to create financial statement by BU?

Hi, Is it possible to create a financial statement that break down by business unit and department.

we have our account structure set up as main-accounts, business units and department

what we want to see is:

Business Unit A Department 1 Account Current Year Previous Year.

Appreciate if some one could help us with this

HI Patrick,

Yes financial statement supports this. You need to create dimension set for ledger dimension combination and use that as parameter on report run.


Thanks Pranav; for my primary set contains - BU, Dept and Cost Center; secondary is Main Accounts.

I added four columns - for “BU, Dept & Cost” is set to primary dimension code;

2nd column - secondary dimension set

3rd and 4th column - i put the date range (instead of data intervals)

looks like I am missing something here, AX is running for a quite a long time.

Hello Pranav, quick question - Do i need to include ledger account in the dimension set (say BU+Dept+MainAccount)?

Where do I specify the column for BU in the statement? the dimensions are not printing in the report for some reason? My account structure includes these dimensions - BU + DEPT

Primary dimensionset for the report is BU+DEPT+Main-account

Complete aside but have you looked at Management Reporter that comes with teh product?