is it possible to change the property of a cell

In a tabular form, is it possible to set a specific property to a specific cell. I have a tabular form with TYPE, No, Description and some other fields for example, if the value of the TYPE is ‘1’, No field will be Editable(FALSE) , and if the TYPE field has a value of ‘2’ then No field will be Editable(TRUE) on a row-by-row basis… But I know that properties are for controls and no way to change the property of a specific cell, according to value of another field on the same row (record) … thanks

IF Type = Type::Item THEN CurrForm.“Unit Price”.EDITABLE(FALSE) ELSE CurrForm.“Unit Price”.EDITABLE(TRUE); This should work i think. Place the code OnAfterGetCurrRecord

Thanks Andrew, It works… My code was the same way except the place of the code… When it is on the OnAfterGetRecord it did what I want…

Ah, I was posting on your other topic: Next time, please delete your original topic if you decide to “move” it to a different forum, thanks. [;)] [edit] And the code looks simpler if it reads: CurrForm."No.".EDITABLE(Type = 2);