Is it possible to change the property of a cell

In a tabular form, is it possible to set a specific property to a specific cell. I have a tabular form with TYPE, No, Description and some other fields for example, if the value of the TYPE is ‘1’, No field will be Editable(FALSE) , and if the TYPE field has a value of ‘2’ then No field will be Editable(TRUE) on a row-by-row basis… But I know that properties are for controls and no way to change the property of a specific cell, according to value of another field on the same row (record) … thanks

You can do what you want, take a look at the “Chart of Accounts” Form, for example. Navision updates the indentation and the bold property depending on the type of the account. You need to place code in the Form’s OnAfterGetRecord trigger that checks the value of the “Type” field and makes the “No.” field editable or not.