Is it possible to change report caption runtime?

Hello! Is it possible to change a report dialog caption runtime? If it is then how to do it?

What exactly do you mean by “report dialog caption”? A label on the option form? This can be achieved with the old trick of creating several invisible controls, one above the other on the same position, and only switching the one you need to visible.

… or you can use variables (TextBoxes) for captions…

no, not this. The current report dialog puts a name of the report to the caption (the most top part) of the report dialog. The problem is that the PDF-driver we have takes that as default file name it saves the PDF-file, but i need to put other information in there.

Not having tested it, it may be picking up the report object name and the not first line of the report. If changing the report title (first line) doesn’t fix your problem, try changing the report name in the object designer. Assuming that won’t create other issues.

The name on the Report window inside Navision is always Print Preview. When you try to Save it as HTML or Print it to a File, the name suggested is taken from the Object’s Caption property or, failing that, the Name property.

Hi Everyone,

I’m having the same critical issue.

As I print a report in pdf format and the pdf file generated takes the name from Caption property of the report I would like to modify this Caption at run time - before printing the report.

If anybody has succeded to do this, please advise.

Thank you