Is integration with C# doable?


can anybody advise if integration between navision and C# is doable, if yes, can any body submit helpful document.

thanks in advance.

What do you mean by integration with C#? And which version of NAV is your question about?

Have you looked into c/front?

“C/FRONT is an application programming interface that can be used to access a
C/SIDE® database. C/FRONT facilitates high-level interaction with the C/SIDE database
manager, and allows C developers to manipulate any C/SIDE database. C/FRONT has
been primarily designed to allow developers to retrieve and update tables and not for
executing business logic.
The central component of C/FRONT is a library of C functions. These functions give you
access to every aspect of data storage and maintenance, and allow you to integrate
both standard and custom applications with your C/SIDE database.”

Click Download & Scroll down to w1w1cfront.pdf for details