is ATTACHEMENT table include in Basic License??


is ATTACHMENT table included in Basic License, because one of our the developer, create a report and uses a Attachement table, but once it deploy to client, it prompt an Error that “you dont have permission to run the Attachement table”…is attachement table include in basic license???Hoping for your reply.

What is the object ID of the table? 5062? That is a CRM table, so then it comes back to your license, not sure on teh construction of the basic license, so read the info that comes with it. Also is the user a super user?

yes, that is the table ID…and the user is SUPER access, but if you dont mind what do you mean in CRM what functionality of navisionis that… sorry for my ignorance… Hopiing for your reply?? thanks

CRM is the contact management module arena, bit like sales and marketing. I am a bit perplexed how you can design a solution without knowing the tables or the rights.

So now it depends what you mean by basic. It is not in BRL BE, but is available as an add-on in BRL AM. So probably the answer to your question is no. But if you are developers developing a solution for the end client why are you not referencing the capabilities of the clients license? Also I suppose if you did not know what CRM is you are unlikely to know that BRL BE is the Business Essentials option for the Business Ready Licensing option.

ah, Ok thanks for the advise, I learn from that one.

Actually this is only turn over to me, so I 'm not the developer to that specific report that uses Attachment table, but anyways thanks for the support. [:)]

So I guess you mean EX-Developer right [:@]

Make sure next time that he does his job properly, and tests BEFORE deploying to the client.